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Authorised Apple Dealer

MAC BOOK or IPHONE we give the best price and service

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Automatic Gates

The interface is clear and simple, every action is straightforward. Creating a new slider and adding slides are quick and easy process.

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Automate Your Home!

Make the home respond to your need. Cloudi allows you to create the lighting or scenes based on the mood. We provides you Lightings, Weather, Music… that welcomes you, says Good Night, Serene Atmosphere, Rocks you or the one that you need.

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We’re Committed To Do The Quality service!

‘Cloud i Automation’ is an Organization engaged in Marketing and Sales of Automation products and solutions. We stride to synchronize dynamically with the rapid technological advancements and provide an updating path to our customers. We have committed partnerships with Globally renowned Organizations maintaining quality and reliability

Why Choose Us!​

We provide solutions for both Home and Business. Solutions for home comprises of Biometric locks, Home Monitoring and Security Solutions, Home Automation Solutions and Integration. On the Industrial front we partner with global leaders on various specialties on Building Management Systems, Gates and Barriers and Access control system. We provide seamless integration of various products and solutions along with marketing and sales of component products.

Affordable Pricing

We use the best class products and offers affordable pricing

Anytime Service

We know the value of after sale service.

Qualified Experts

We are a strong team of qualified members to offer any kind of automations

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