Smart lighting and Sensor network

Key elements of home automation

Smart Light

Control your light ON/OFF with a tap or voice

Smart sensors

Our smart sensor network gives your home an intelligent brain thatsenses the intruder, fire , smoke and water leakage.

Your perfect home theater and multimedia

Experience the entertainment in another dimension

Smart Home Theater

4K 3D projection with Dolby Atmos Audio . Bring the theater into your home.

Multiroom Audio

Hear the the same track wherever you are ! . The music that follows you. Cool!

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Smart protection and Saves energy

Intelligent automation protect your home and also saves huge in energy bills. 

Smart Protection

Smart Protection keeps and protects intellectual and industrial property rights online

Saves Energy

Home automation systems lower energy consumption and therefore household expenses! They also open the door to diminishing your carbon footprint—a great way to embrace responsibility for environmental change. Properly programmed lighting, temperature, shades, and ceiling fans along with utilization of the one-stop “all off” electronics command can create great monthly savings for you and your family to enjoy..

Smart home better home!

Change your life by making your home smarter

Smart Climate Control

Your home’s automation system provides the opportunity for you to schedule the temperature changes throughout your home to meet your specific needs. Energy savings are evident as air conditioning and heating are decreased automatically when you are away from home. And your temperature changes can be coordinated with your other automated electronics, such as shades, fans, and lights. Simply put, when you introduce a programmable mode to your home’s temperature, you will enjoy consistent savings..

Smart Surveillance

Smart home automation systems provide you with the ability to control climate, security, lights, media, video surveillance and so much more from the convenience of your mobile device. It provides accessibility and confidence no matter where you are in the world, so you can fully engage in your priorities. An added bonus to your home automation system that will no doubt bring a smile to your face is decreased overall home energy consumption. 

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